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He smiled at her and then restrained himself. He wanted to run to her but they needed to keep their relationship a secret. He could see she felt it too by the sudden flash of sadness in her eyes. But in the next second she was all smiles again.

When they where around people they where courteous and friendly, anyone could see that there was a deeper connection between them, but the depth of their intimacy was kept a secret even to those closest to him.

Sure Aziz and Colino noticed that he spent an awful lot of time with her but they were both secretly relieved that they didn’t have to take all the responsibility for the young man so they didn’t prod him on the subject.

He could not put words to the emotions but when they where together it felt right. She actually had made him smile again when he thought he had lost the ability. She had shown him so much these last months. How he could use his abilities to charm others, how he could use this to feed without being detected.

She had realized his true age and taught the boy how he needed to act in front of others of their kind, not to show his weaknesses and she had initiated him into the adult world by deflowering him. It wasn’t out of pity but out of something deeper that she had taken him under her wings and taught him how to live again.

She had told him about herself too. How she had grown up in northern France and how she had ended up in Egypt sold as a common slave. He had shared her grief and cried over her fate. He had told her about his mother and about his father. How he had been kidnapped and forced to be one of them.

The grief and their plight had formed a strong bond that they both felt. Something more than an physical attraction. She would always be there in his heart as the centuries would pass. Not that he had anyway of knowing this as he smiled at her that Easter night in Jerusalem. Back then he was just a child and she was his first love.footer.png

About Sabine

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