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  • Christophe Mercier

    h3. Ancient history Christophe was born in Marseilles 1139 into the noble merchant house Mercier. His mother Adrienne was a well know beauty and his father Mathieu was the son of the respected and well connected noble man Benedict Mercier with manors …

  • Aziz

    Mortal beginnings

    Aziz was born in 1114 AD (509 AH) in Merv to a well-known line of pottery makers, selfproclaimed descendants of a personal guard to the great Sultan Alp Arslan himself. At an early age, Aziz was fascinated by stories of the …

  • Kadir

    Kadir claims not to have known his sire. According to him he was part of an army moving across North Africa. One night, as his patrol was camping out in the outskirts of the desert, they where attacked by a ferocious beast. The monster could not be …

  • Marius the Franc

    Brooding and apparent temper issues that might be connected to the Week of Blood, the mysterious event that occured as Jerusalem fell in 1099. Since his mood swings make him rather unpredictable much of the dealings of the city is handled by his seneschal …

  • Isabeau

    According to [[:conrad | Conrad]], Isabeau was promised to Thomas of Cornwall, but was instead embraced by "a beast" in spite. [[:thomas-of-cornwall | Thomas]], [[:kadir | Kadir]] and, according to himself, [[:conrad | Conrad]] (presumably amongst others …

  • Priamos

    He want to move his domain to Jerusalem but has been denied by Prince [[:marius-the-franc | Marius the Franc]] several times. Lives in Bethlehem with his apprentice Kether and is in charge of the local Order of Hermes chantry.

  • Kether

    Wide scholarly knowledge and a part of the Order of Hermes. Lives with his order master [[:priamos | Priamos]] in Bethlehem.

  • Sabine

    A beautiful and seemingly kind woman that grew up in northern France only to end up in Egypt sold as a common slave by her Sire. She has a deep but secret relationship with [[:christophe-mercier | Christophe Mercier]]. [[About Sabine | About Sabine]] is a …

  • Anton

    He is the Seneschal of the [[:marius-the-franc|Prince of Jerusalem]], making sure that the city runs smoothly. Since the Prince is affected by moodswings his power is quite considerable.

  • Colino De Ladispoli

    Mortal Ties

    Born into a family of merchants in Ladispoli. Colino was the brightest of the family but not bread for battle or trade. With a sharp mind his family sent him to school and later university so that he could come to learn language …

  • Felix von Bremen

    [[Session 3|Presumed slain]] in his home by unknown assailants. Collaborated with the Ashirra [[:yussuf-ibn-wahid | Yussuf ibn Wahid]] on an unknown project. Both are presumed dead.

  • Yussuf ibn Wahid

    Yussuf collaborated with [[:felix-von-bremen | Felix von Bremen]] on an unknown project. The characters speculate that they shared an interest in archeology. Yussuf is [[Session 4|presumed dead]].

  • Abdullah

    A merchant that can get you anything. He runs a luxury wares shop in the armenian quarter. [[:sabine | Sabine]] claims that Abdullah paid a grand sum for her. Abdullah is investigating what happened to his clansman Nagat.

  • Gilberti Grilati

    He was the former prince of Jerusalem but had to flee as the city fell to the Muslims and when the Crusaders took it back in 1099 he was in no position to claim the throne again. He instead became the spiritual leader of the city and resides in a …

  • Maria

    Maria is most certainly older than she appears. Her skin is pale and ash grey as the dead. She claims her sire is engrossed in his work and something of a recluse.

  • Saccarias

    Saccarias has a stern, almost regal, demeanor. He dresses in understated clothes of excellent quality. Shunned by his clan for converting to the christian faith, Saccarias' grounds for ruling his domain are unknown. His Sire, the Prince of Tripoli, …

  • Abraham

    Saccarias eldest Childe. Abraham oversees the Kindred activities in Antioch and protects his Sire from the rest of the Assamite clan.

  • Ilhu

    Kadir claims that Ilhu is the only other Childe of his that still prowls the night. She and some of her childer fled Kadir's offer to convert to the one true faith. The others of his making met their Final Deaths refusing.

  • Ahbed

    Ahbed came to Antioch in the mid 1100s apparently in search of his grand-Sire. He foolishly killed the [[:saccarias|the Prince]]'s ghoul and stole a gift he was delivering. [[:christophe-mercier|Christophe]], [[:aziz|Aziz]] and [[:colino|Colino]] were …

  • Omar

    A short and muscular blade smith of unparallelled skill, Omar resides i Damascus, where the secrets of folded steel are to be learned.

  • Salah ibn Haruun

    Salah has taken over an estate north of Damascus following the recent power struggle in the city. The walled premises are well guarded and filled with servants. He keeps a hareem of mortals and engages in debauchery on a nightly basis. The Toreador …

  • Bashir

    This Lasombra only just recently took over as Prince of Damascus, following a religious power struggle among the mortals that spilled over among the Kindred. Very few Kindred who do not (officially) follow the Prophet remain in Damascus.

  • Musah

    Musah oversees the labours of healing at the Damascus hospital. He is an empathetic and vigilant sort. He has pale drawn skin and dresses mainly in light flowing clothes.

  • Lazlo

    The characters first met Lazlo when [[Session 2|traveling south with a caravan]]. He claimed to be a trader of spanish decent and, by all accounts, was still mortal. In hindsight the man had a persistant nosiness about the other's wares. The …

  • Ahmed ibn Fayyat

    According to rumour, Ahmed had a revelation from God and left the muslim persuasion for a christian one, taking his childe Saccarias with him. They have been outcasts to their clan ever since. The Assamite has a pleasing and welcoming demeanor, at least …

  • Hisham

    As a mortal, Hisham eked out a meager existance at a quarry near Antioch, hauling stone. The last few years of his life he struggled with consumption which slowly got worse and worse, but kept at his work, sending what little coin he could muster to his …

  • Leopold

    Leopold stayed in Bethlehem some four decades in the 1100s where he peddled wares to the pilgrims. He was also a political conspirator, found to be wrapped up in the destabilization of Jerusalem since the christian invasion at the end of the 11th century …