A confidante of Christophe's sire also formerly engaged to Collino's sire.



Kindred name: Isabeau
Embraced: unknown
Apparent age: indeterminate
Sire: unknown
Clan: Nosferatu
Generation: unknown



According to Conrad, Isabeau was promised to Thomas of Cornwall, but was instead embraced by “a beast” in spite.
Thomas, Kadir and, according to himself, Conrad (presumably amongst others), saved her from some underground lair where her sire had her kept.
She was quite unhinged from the experience when she was rescued.
Christophe’s sire has helped Isabeau adapt to unlife. Details are sketchy. Conrad describes an almost uncontrollable current of emotion.

She has been sent ahead to Jerusalem at the Monsignore’s behest to monitor the characters progress. Although she has helped the characters out of a pinch, she keeps to her self.


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