Through the Ages

Session 5

1153 AD: Easter is not for everyone

A more detailed account here.

It is Good Friday in Jerusalem and the characters are invited to celebrate it on the Temple Mount at Gilberti Grilati's request.

They go and suffer a three hour long dreary mass. Due to some unforeseen social blunders during the evening they are among the last to be released from the event, close to dawn.

While rushing home the characters are caught up in the throng along Via Dolorosa. Holy water is sprinkled upon them and presenting the signs of stigmata, Christophe and Colino are swept away by the crowd and brought to a church. Here the Lasombra finally manages to affirm his Dominate on the father and persuade him to keep the crowd out during the day.

The next night Aziz and Conrad send for Isabeau's help and locate the church. They learn from the dispirited crowd that the sainted ones have died during the day. Aziz hopes this means that the mortals simply have interpreted their daysleep as death and puts a plan into action. They convince the priest that the bodies are riddled with decease and need to be transported out of town as soon as possible. As the two vampires are carted off, still very much undead, three Knights Hospitaller come to investigate the fast spreading rumor of the previous night's miracle. They are softly persuaded that the best course of action is burial. Christophe and Colino are buried in a crypt outside of town. Aziz has just enough time to tell them that they will come for them as soon as they can.

As promised, the Lasombra and the Toreador are released from their tomb the next night.

A few nights later, Maria invites the characters to meet her sire Adam. The truly ancient Cappadocian explains that the scroll they have brought recites a verse he once heard from his own sire about how the first vampire learned what we now know as Disciplines from the being known as Lilith. He advices to be very careful with the contents. In exchange for the translation he has the characters promise that they give his childe protection should she ever need it.



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