Through the Ages

Session 3

1152 AD: Arrival in Jerusalem

The characters arrive at Lion's gate and persuade the guards to let them in with some clumsily adopted Presence and Dominate work.

Audience at the Prince's villa is an arduous process. The characters meet several other Kindred in the (waiting) library; Kether and Priamos, a Tremere and his sire who both reside in Bethlehem, and Sabine, a Toreador noble woman. The characters are eventually summoned by the Prince's seneschal Anton, and present their sires' letter. The PCs are allowed to stay for the time being and access to the jewish historians will be granted if the characters will investigate the disappearance of Felix von Bremen, a resident Kindred archeologist.

The PCs find and take over a residence near the Muslim Quarter.

The characters investigate the archeologist's home and find the remains of his Final Death. The whole house has already been searched through thoroughly by persons unknown, upturning furniture and other household items. The PCs find a hidden compartment in the study which holds correspondence that point to another Kindred situated in the Muslim Quarter; Yussuf ibn Wahid.



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