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  • Christophe Mercier

    h3. Ancient history Christophe was born in Marseilles 1139 into the noble merchant house Mercier. His mother Adrienne was a well know beauty and his father Mathieu was the son of the respected and well connected noble man Benedict Mercier with manors …

  • Gilberti Grilati

    He was the former prince of Jerusalem but had to flee as the city fell to the Muslims and when the Crusaders took it back in 1099 he was in no position to claim the throne again. He instead became the spiritual leader of the city and resides in a …

  • Bashir

    This Lasombra only just recently took over as Prince of Damascus, following a religious power struggle among the mortals that spilled over among the Kindred. Very few Kindred who do not (officially) follow the Prophet remain in Damascus.