Tag: Gangrel


  • Aziz

    Mortal beginnings

    Aziz was born in 1114 AD (509 AH) in Merv to a well-known line of pottery makers, selfproclaimed descendants of a personal guard to the great Sultan Alp Arslan himself. At an early age, Aziz was fascinated by stories of the …

  • Kadir

    Kadir claims not to have known his sire. According to him he was part of an army moving across North Africa. One night, as his patrol was camping out in the outskirts of the desert, they where attacked by a ferocious beast. The monster could not be …

  • Ilhu

    Kadir claims that Ilhu is the only other Childe of his that still prowls the night. She and some of her childer fled Kadir's offer to convert to the one true faith. The others of his making met their Final Deaths refusing.

  • Ahbed

    Ahbed came to Antioch in the mid 1100s apparently in search of his grand-Sire. He foolishly killed the [[:saccarias|the Prince]]'s ghoul and stole a gift he was delivering. [[:christophe-mercier|Christophe]], [[:aziz|Aziz]] and [[:colino|Colino]] were …