Tag: Assamite


  • Saccarias

    Saccarias has a stern, almost regal, demeanor. He dresses in understated clothes of excellent quality. Shunned by his clan for converting to the christian faith, Saccarias' grounds for ruling his domain are unknown. His Sire, the Prince of Tripoli, …

  • Abraham

    Saccarias eldest Childe. Abraham oversees the Kindred activities in Antioch and protects his Sire from the rest of the Assamite clan.

  • Ahmed ibn Fayyat

    According to rumour, Ahmed had a revelation from God and left the muslim persuasion for a christian one, taking his childe Saccarias with him. They have been outcasts to their clan ever since. The Assamite has a pleasing and welcoming demeanor, at least …

  • Hisham

    This tenacious labourer hailing from Antioch was lured into the Kindred world in the 1100s under the pretence of becoming a Ghoul to [[:aziz|Aziz ibn Kadir]]. The Gangrel’s foul blood made this impossible however. Instead, on religiously motivated impulse …