Through the Ages

Session 1
1150 AD: Where they flee into the arms of death

The characters, mere mortals, are introduced to one another when traveling south together from Constatinople in a trading caravan. Christophe is bound for Tripoli to rejoin his father. Colino is tasked with chronicling a french knight's deeds in the holy land. Aziz seeks passage to Damascus where he hopes to find an elusive cult. None of them will reach their destination. A few merchants acompany their goods, among them Victor who poses as a rare commodities trader. Also along for the trek are a group of guards/soldiers and a band of pilgrims led by a priest.

It is soon apparent that something is awry. The caravan is searched in the night, by forces unknown. More than one of the traders are overeager to negotiate a deal for wares from the others to learn what they are carrying. Tempers flare as the priest brings together people of different beliefs and motivations for "philosophical musings".

In a village along the way, the priest is found murdered. Blame for the abhorrent act is placed on the priest's mentally retarded servant Telemachos. Even though this conclusion doesn't sit right with the characters, they are unable to find evidence to the contrary and Telemachos is swiftly put to death by hanging under the authority of the french knight.

The following night, on the road, the caravan is hit by suspiciously skilled bandits. Victor, with whom the characters have struck an accord, pleads with them to take an ancient scroll he carries and flee while he protects their escape. In the chaos, Aziz is struck by a poisoned arrow. In the coming days the wound will fester, further complicating their flight. 

Several days later, frightened, hungry and desperate, the characters stumble onto a farmer's plot – Aziz now close to death – who helps them to Antioch and the house of an apothecary. Soon a strange trio arrives to aquire the scroll, learn of Victor's demise and have a closer look at the people who delivered it in his stead.

The session ends with each Sire parting with their chosen human.


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