Aziz' sire



Full mortal name: Kadir al-Yassif

Kindred name: Kadir
Embraced: unknown
Apparent age: 40s
Sire: unknown
Childe: Aziz, Ilhu
Clan: Gangrel
Generation: 6th



Kadir claims not to have known his sire. According to him he was part of an army moving across North Africa. One night, as his patrol was camping out in the outskirts of the desert, they where attacked by a ferocious beast. The monster could not be defeated by neither spear, blade or arrow and so all the men where slaughtered. Only Kadir was spared for an unknown reason. Maybe he fought harder than the other or maybe it was for some unknown reason that he was Embraced.
After roaming the wastes for many years he was taken in by an Ashirra on the Iberian peninsula and accepted the muslim faith. There he made a name for himself as a fierce defender of the faith.


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