Colino De Ladispoli

Italian linguistic scholar



Full mortal name: Colina De Ladispoli
Kindred name: Colino De Ladispoli
Embraced: 1150 AD
Apparent age: mid 20s
Sire: Sir Thomas of Cornwall
Clan: Toreador
Generation: 7th
Contacts: Penpall with the scholar Kether


Mortal Ties

Born into a family of merchants in Ladispoli. Colino was the brightest of the family but not bread for battle or trade. With a sharp mind his family sent him to school and later university so that he could come to learn language and law.
With no interest in trade or law Colina took to the library to learn things he himself deemed interesting. History and prose was more of an interest but languages he picked up without effort.

After some time at the university Colino was forced to leave since his family was falling on harsh times and couldn’t support his studies any longer. After that he helped the family business with various tasks mainly bookkeeping and translations.

Colino De Ladispoli

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