Christophe Mercier

A child vampire embraced by the spanish Lasombra Monsignore Alonso Donsantos



Kindred name: Christophe Mercier
Embraced: 1150
Apparent age: He has the look of an 11 year old boy
Sire: Monsignore Alonzo Dos Santos
Clan: Lasombra
Generation: 7th



Ancient history

Christophe was born in Marseilles 1139 into the noble merchant house Mercier. His mother Adrienne was a well know beauty and his father Mathieu was the son of the respected and well connected noble man Benedict Mercier with manors north of the city.

As a landless noble and son to a well respected man in the area Mathieu was swept away in the dream of a christian Levant. Being a good soldier he was drafted, only a few months before Christophe was born, into the crusade by Raymond IV the count of Toulouse.

Growing up without a father the soldier Bastien taught the boy all he needed. Adrienne did not fare well and became ill on Christophe’s ninth birthday. First in the head and then the body followed. The boy buried his mother only ten years old.

Benedict felt he was old enough to join his dad, the crusader hero in Tripoli and sent him and Bastien on the long journey first to Rome and Italy and then to Constantinople. Misfortune struck again here and in a simple robbery gone wrong Bastien was killed leaving the boy alone in a foreign world.

But he had nowhere but forward to go and after arranging for Bastien’s funeral he took the caravan south. Not a simple decision only eleven years old but ultimately the one that would seal his fate. Because It was on this caravan he would meet both Aziz and Colino. It was on this caravan he would meet Victor and ultimately his death.

Here you can read fragments of his story.

Christophe Mercier

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