A respected scholar and skilled astronomer of persian descent



Full mortal name: Abu al-Rashid Aziz Abd al-Hakam ibn Sa’id Khorasani

Kindred name: Aziz ibn Kadir
Embraced: 1150 AD (545 AH)
Apparent age: mid 30s
Sire: Kadir
Clan: Gangrel
Generation: 7th
Contacts: Abu al-Zul’s Merchant Company

Str 3, Dex 3, Sta 3, Cha 2, Man 3, App 2, Per 3, Int 4, Wit 3

Alertness 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Empathy 1, Expression 2, Intimidation 2, Leadership 1
Animal Ken 2, Archery 1, Crafts (Pottery) 2, Etiquette 2, Melee 3, Ride 1, Stealth 2, Survival 2
Academics 3, Investigation 2, Science (Astronomy) 4, Seneschal 2, Theology 3
Linguistics 3 (Arabic, French, Latin)

Animalism 2, Fortitude 2, Protean 2

Allies 1, Contacts 3, Status 1

Foul Blood (1)

Lunacy (2), Vunerability to Silver (2)



Mortal beginnings

Aziz was born in 1114 AD (509 AH) in Merv to a well-known line of pottery makers, selfproclaimed descendants of a personal guard to the great Sultan Alp Arslan himself. At an early age, Aziz was fascinated by stories of the planets and the night sky.
Aged 16, Aziz was conscripted into the Seljuq army, fighting the Kara-Khitan to the east. Once his unit was disbanded, he went on to Nishapur to take up academic pursuits.
Here, over some years, he came into his own; learning a wide array of academic disciplines but never leaving his love of astronomy, and taking a wife; Fatima, who bore him a son, Yusuf.
In the winter of 1149 AD (544 AH), Aziz began researching the correspondence of two students of the great Omar Khayyam. Their experiments, taking them to Constantinople many decades before, involved a time measuring piece of unparallelled precision. Intrigued, Aziz traveled to the Christian Capital in the spring of the following year in an effort to find it. Inconcievably, his investigations revealed that the students had converted to the christian faith and been taken up in the elusive cult The Order of Saint Addai, which had fled Constantinople for Damascus long ago. With no other leads Aziz paid fare on a caravan south


The Hunt – Aziz learns what it is to be Gangrel


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