Through the Ages

Session 2

1152 AD: Journey to Jerusalem

The characters meet again for the first time after their Embrace, two years later. It is an emotional moment.

The PCs' sires explain that they have banded together in search of ancient texts to try to unravel the origin and true circumstance of this unlife. The scroll that poor Victor gave his life for and the PCs delivered unto them needs decyphering. Historians of the jewish faith in Jerusalem might help in such an endevour, but the sires are regrettably barred from entry to the Holy City.

The PCs are sent south with the scroll under the somber guidance of Thomas of Cornwall's trusted ghoul Conrad. The sires have composed a letter for the Prince explaining the PCs plight. A fourth member of the sires' coterie has been sent ahead to be in a position to help the group when they arrive in Jerusalem. While travelling to the city Conrad explains some of the tragic tale of Isabeau and Thomas

On the way, the group pass several guarded positions with some difficulty and eventually the muslim-christian no man's land where they ambush a party of bandits and give them a piece of their own medicine. 

Six nights out of Antioch, the characters get their first glimpse of the walls of Jerusalem.



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